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Quattro® Technology

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All conditions are perfect

quattro® AWD system gives you safety on the road, in any weather and any terrain. All S and Q models have quattro® as standard and it’s available as optional in other models.

A smart all-wheel drive system

quattro® automatically distributes the power in all wheels. If any loses traction, the torque is transmitted automatically to the other axle. Distributing the power in both axles, gives you superior handling and control in any surface.

quattro® is better than two

In front-wheel drive vehicles, the weight of the engine and other pieces rest on the axle and its grip increases. When it loses traction, the engine can’t send power to the front wheels, undermining the handling of the vehicle.

One size does not fit all

Unlike other AWD systems, Audi tailors each quattro® system to each model needs. For example, our high-performance models are available with a unique version of quattro®: a sport differential for superior handling on the track.