Audi Sport quattro concept

Audi and technology; eternal union. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sport quattro, Audi presents the legit successor in the Motor Show of Frankfurt Germany (IAA). The Audi Sport quattro concept model retakes the tradition of the grand quattro with an amazing coupé design and a plug-in hybrid propulsion system with a total system power of 700 hp (515 kW).

quattro® more than a simple technology is a philosophy. This term is synonym of security on driving and sportiveness, technical competency and a dynamic approach to life. Since the debut of “Ur-quattro” in 1989, Audi has sold more than five million of vehicles with permanent four-wheel drive all over the world, a much superior figure than any other premium manufacturer. The strengths of the quattro concept, as well as its successes in the world of competition, have been demonstrated with a history of more than three decades.

The Sort quattro it is a legendary classic Audi that debuted on 1938 on the Motor Show of Frankfurt Germany (IAA) and was designed as a homologation model for the World Rally Championship. With 306 hp (225kW) and multiple innovative techniques, this model was a supercar of its time. The short wheelbase, which improved maneuverability, gave the Sport quattro a unique look. The racing car made history. Walter Röhrl drive it till a convincing victory at the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb of 1987 in Colorado, USA. UU.